Fee-less Decentralised Applications

Next-gen blockchain, use the power of serverless functions to add functionality to your website without thinking about the server architecture at no costs for your users

What is Rutile?

Rutile is a decentralised application platform that allows businesses to create better experiences for their users.

By making Rutile a fee-less network we eliminate any friction between your user and the application. Allowing for more engagement on your application.

RUT Token

The RUT token fuels and secures the network by rewarding nodes for executing functions and storing files

Nodes are rewarded for validating executions done by clients in newly minted RUT tokens. Nodes can also get paid by clients for storing files on the network.

Join the network

Anyone can join the network and start serving as a backend for users.

By joining the Rutile network as a node you allow clients to request pages, execute functions and store files. By doing so you get rewarded in RUT tokens.

The Benefits of the Rutile network

Our Team

Franklin Waller

Founder & Developer


Maikel Korssen

Maikel Korssen

Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales


Jurgen Kruidering



BEc. Erik J. Hanff

Consultant in Business Controlling


Distribution of Tokens

150,000,000 RUT tokens will be available at creation. Users who signed up will be eligible for the Airdrop. Each user signing up will be able to get up to 1050 tokens.

Token info

Address: 0xf050e54d2b50c055c9919a4b856a195221d3db71
Decimals: 18
Ticker: RUT
Total Supply: 150,000,000

  • 70% Distributed to Community

  • 22% Company operations

  • 8% Founders and Team